Google Pixel 3A Test Chip

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GoogleHoly crap, Google’s Pixel 6 launch occasion was much bigger than expected. Notfall only did google debut 2 affordable flagships through killer neu features, however it gave us a closer look punkt its Tensor chip, a neu processor that’s gott Qualcomm sharing passive-aggressive memes on Twitter. It also launched Pixel Pass, a google equivalent to apfel One, und kicked off the real android 12 rollout.

Here’s a rundown des everything google announced during ns Pixel 6 launch event. Weil das more detailed information, examine our complete writeups on die Pixel 6, ns Pixel 6 Pro, Google’s Tensor chip, and Pixel Pass.

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Affordable Flagships: the Pixel 6 und Pixel 6 ProGoodbye Snapdragon, Hello TensorPixel Pass: ns Ultimate google Subscription ServiceAndroid 12 rolls Out zum Select Pixel Phones

Affordable Flagships: the Pixel 6 und Pixel 6 Pro


Starting at nur $600, the new Pixel 6 already aussehen like ns best phone call money can buy. It uses flagship-level performance, add to killer camera top quality thanks zu a new 50MP sensor and ns Tensor chip’s upgraded AI capabilities. Not only that, yet it consists of a ton des killer features like live Translate und a challenge Unblur photo editing and enhancing tool, und its voice-to-text algorithm zu sein faster und more accurate than any other android phone’s.

The neu Pixel 6 Pro ist a small-yet-significant upgrade to die Pixel 6. Starting hinweisen $900, that expands die Pixel 6’s 6.4-inch display to a cool 6.7 inches. It deshalb supports a 120Hz refresh rate (the Pixel 6 hits 90Hz), und even has actually a 48MP telephoto lens.

Pixel 6 Pro deshalb comes v a bigger battery than the Pixel 6, though google promises a 24-hour battery life native both devices. Bei fact, the company states you tun können get up kommen sie 48 hours with too much Battery Saver enabled, though we haven’t had actually a wahrscheinlichkeit to prüfen this claim.

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The Pixel 6 und Pixel 6 jeden are available zum pre-order now. But i think freundin should role down und check out the Pixel Pass arrangement before you pull die trigger.

Google Pixel 6

The new google Pixel 6 provides flagship performance und killer camera quality zum just $600. It even has a appropriate IP68 water-resistance rating. Bespeak it jetzt from Google.


Google Pixel 6 pro

The neu Pixel 6 pro packs a 6.7-inch screen with a 120Hz refresh rate, add to a 48MP telephoto lens. That’s a quite solid update over the radikale Pixel 6’s 6.4-nch 90Hz screen und dual-camera array.

Goodbye Snapdragon, Hello Tensor


As one von the biggest AI companies an the world, google is constantly developing killer software zu enhance voice recognition, language translation, und computational photography. But google says that its software was “held back” by the Qualcomm Snapdragon processors of previous Pixel releases.

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There’s just one solution to this problem—Google developed its very own Tensor processor kommen sie replace ns Snapdragon. Tensor ist a revolutionary chip that takes number of steps kommen sie improve AI performance on mobile systems, unlocking a ton of new features on die Pixel 6 choose snappy live Translate, much faster voice-to-text, und enhanced computational photography zum better photos than ever before before.

"We've decided to make ours own smartphone SoC instead des using Snapdragon"