Key Specifications

Review Price: £69.995-litre capacity8 food preparation modes (roast, bake, sauté, boil, fry, fondue, slow-moving cook and steam)120-minute timerDishwasher-safe pan

What is the JML GoChef 8-in-1 Non-stick Multi useful Cooker?

The JML GoChef 8-in-1 Non-stick Multi functional Cooker is a huge counter-top cooker that assures a large range des functions. Everything from steam veg to deep-fried chips, from stew zu roast potatoes.

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But punkt the end of the day, it’s wenig more 보다 a cook saucepan. We’re notfall convinced that freundin need this bulky cooker unless you live in a bedsit with no kitchen.


JML GoChef 8-in-1 Non-stick Multi useful Cooker – Design und Features

The JML ist huge – it takes trost a big (33x37cm) square von worktop space. Und it’s bright red, deshalb it’s not exactly subtle.

It promises to kochen pretty much anything und everything, with eight different food preparation modes: roast, bake, sauté, boil, fry, fondue, sluggish cook und steam. But ns reality ist that it’s fairly a straightforward appliance.

It’s usually a large metal pan with in electric element an the base, a lid on top kommen sie keep in the heat, and simple controls the let freundin set die temperature und cooking time. So it’s essentially a saucepan with integrated heater.

To offer the range des cooking settings then, that comes v two kabel racks und a fryer basket. Zum example, if you want to cook jacket potatoes you put them on the low rack, placed a wenig water in the bottom von the pan, turn the JML to 220°C and put the lid on, basically making use of it like an oven.Related: ideal Slow Cookers You can Buy


If sie want to kochen scrambled eggs, freundin use it as freundin would a saucepan, on die 160°C setting. If freundin want kommen sie steam fish or veg, put them on die high rack, put water in the bottom and turn the on zu 140°C.

You can set ns temperature zum anything indigenous 80 kommen sie 240°C. Die only other function it provides that a saucepan ~ above a hob doesn’t do just as well zu sein the countdown timer: you kann choose ns cooking time safe an the knowledge that it will turn off automatically wie it’s done. A safer möglichkeit if sie want kommen sie pop out and leave die cooker running.

It offers 1500W power, around für hilfe that of an electric oven. So if you’re cooking, say, a couple von jacket potato it’s a more energy efficient option. However a microwave would be much more efficient still.


JML GoChef 8-in-1 Non-stick Multi functional Cooker – What’s it like kommen sie use?

We looked through die JML’s booklet of 30 recipes und decided to test it von making triple-cooked chips together this uses the boil and fry functions.

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First freundin add water trost to the fill line, put the lid on, turn it on kommen sie 220°C und wait… that took in incredible 11 minute to kommen sie to ns boil.

After 5 minute simmering punkt 120°C freundin then drain the chips, clean ns pan und fill with almost 3 litres des oil, climate turn die heat zurück on. Die chips space fried hinweisen 140°C, cooled in the fridge for half in hour, then fried punkt 180°C.

This was never going to be a fast recipe. Triple-cooked chips room slow, as schon fast food goes. But we uncovered it shocking how lang the JML took zu heat hoch each time. And the cooking times were slower than expected, with the final fry acquisition 19 minutes for golden chips.


What’s more, the thermostat seemed poorly set up. The idea ist that the green light goes on wie man it’s heating up and turns off when it’s up kommen sie temperature. With most appliances, you’d expect this light zu go on und off every couple of minutes. Ns JML’s irradiate went on und off every fünfzehn seconds, leaving freundin feeling disconcerted: was the pan up to temperature or not?

The clockwork timer, while handy for longer food preparation times, wasn’t much help for the chips. You can time up kommen sie 120 minutes with it, but anything less than 10 minutes is hard to judge accurately. It’s easier zu use a separate kitchen timer.

When die ticking timer hits zero it provides a ‘ding’ and the cooker switches off. Die JML can so be switched on without using the timer – ideal zum slow-cooked dishes such as pulled pork belly und lamb shanks, both from die recipe book.

After cooking ns appliance take it a lang time to kühl down und then all die oil essential decanting. Which method it’s notfall very practical for use as a deep-fat fryer und highlights one von the product’s pitfalls: it’s versatile but you kann sein only kochen one dish hinweisen a time. Stew or rice, chicken or chips.

The non-stick pan was easy to clean, although die rubber seal around the glass lid came off too easily. All the accessories fit inside ns pan wie man not in use.


Should ich buy the JML GoChef 8-in-1 Non-stick Multi functional Cooker?

No. Admittedly that does much more 보다 your median slow cooker, however it’s wenig more 보다 a heated saucepan. We’re not convinced that sie need this bulky cooker unless freundin live an a bedsit with no kitchen. It is versatile… but deswegen is a saucepan. It’s slow. And you can only koch one dish weist a time.

If she looking zum a functional cooker, consider ns Tefal RK302E15 8 in 1 Multi Cooker or Sage Risotto Plus. Or if money’s no object und you lack confidence together a kochen then consider ns pricey however quick Tefal Cook4Me.

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A vast multi cooker that ist versatile… however it’s slow and is usually a glorified saucepan.