Ghost Recon – Wildlands



Play your Way

Enter die Wildlands an up kommen sie four player co-op, or beat solo v AI-controlled squadmates. Coordinate your assaults or worry orders zu stealthily dismantle ns Santa Blanca cartel – or smash it through brute force.

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Your Ghost, her Style

Take full control von your squad’s appearance v a wide range von clothing, tactical gear, and accessories. Choose the weapons that work best weil das your playstyle, and tweak her firearms’ power with new muzzles, magazines, optics, stocks, and much more.


Own die Road, Waterways, und Air

Commandeer more than 60 various vehicles to fahrzeug your squad throughout a vast landscape. Take to ns highways v motorbikes, buggies, or supercars, ride die waves in a range des watercraft, or storm adversary compounds with in armored military vehicle or strike chopper.

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Mercenaries is in 8 player free-for-all PvPvE gameplay experience. Her objective ist to call zum rescue, locate und reach ns extraction point, then be the erste to board the chopper.

The free Trial will provide freundin with full access kommen sie the inhalt of the taste game until sie reach 5 hours von playtime. Once freundin hit this limit, sie will notfall be able kommen sie play anymore yet your progression möchte carry end if you purchase die full game.

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Get Ghost Recon Wildlands und experience the game that blazed the path zum Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Get in a vast offen world that obstacles you to explore, uncover cartel operations, and shut castle down yet you see fit. Use any type of combination of weapons, vehicles, und tactics zu destroy ns cartel’s assets, take the end its bosses, und strike at die heart des its leadership.

The Season pass Year 1 contains 2 major expansions and also extra gameplay content, devices packs and bei exclusive vehicle:NARCO ROAD: Get ns full spectrum von the narco life as freundin tear through Bolivia using neu vehicles bei a collection of in der nähe des paced missions. Infiltrate miscellaneous gangs und take the end their leaders one by one. Herbst GHOSTS: After your chopper is shot down during bei evacuation mission, your squad will be forced zu adapt as they’re tracked under by in elite gruppe of awful mercenaries.
With die Year 2 Pass, unlock die 6 Year 2 Ghost zu sein Classes. The Year 2 Pass so grants immediate accessibility to:8 battle Crates (4 Spec Ops Crates + 4 Ghost war Crates)The Splinter cell PackThe Operator PackInfantry forces PackActive Duty verpackt