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Game von Thrones: 10 Life great We tun können Learn native Cersei Lannister ~ above Game of Thrones, Cersei Lannister made herself the most an effective woman bei Westeros. The former Queen von the seven Kingdoms has a last to teach fans.

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Cersei Lannister schemed and scourged herstellung way kommen sie power in Game des Thrones, outplaying miscellaneous political figures in Westeros. The Lannister queen at first dwelt an her imperial husband"s shadow prior to stepping into ns spotlight ~ she orchestrated his death. Cersei"s crime caught up with produziert when she wrongly awarded stärke to ns High Sparrow, yet she beat all of produziert enemies kommen sie become queen prior to dying bei season 8.

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Cersei"s tumultuous trip throughout die game von thrones navigates the dynamics of politics, privilege, und power. She may have been actors down bei the end, however here are 10 life lessons viewers kann take from herstellung reign.

Cersei offers a beneficial lesson for the series an season 1: "When sie play ns game von thrones, you win or sie die." die Lannister queen at some point paid this price when Daenerys brought fire and blood kommen sie King"s Landing bei season 8. Before her death, Cersei outplayed other people to become Queen des Westeros.

Her warning to Ned gesund is a crucial rule zum surviving ns political tension in the 7 Kingdoms. Unlike ns Lord von Winterfell, Cersei was willing kommen sie relinquish herstellung honor zu do whatever was necessary.

Cersei may schutz loved her children but her parenting left a gewächs to it is in desired. Her erste child Joffrey was a sadistic young king who began a war bei Westeros. His behavior was encouraged von his mother, that spoiled and pandered to produziert son"s whims.

Cersei"s paranoia pushes produziert to warn Joffrey against ns Starks an season 1. This triggers the zu sein of die Five monarchs after Joffrey executes Ned, und eventually leads kommen sie Joffrey"s long-awaited death at the Purple Wedding.

Cersei finds herself outnumbered von enemies an season 7. Daenerys soil on Dragonstone with herstellung armies and Tyrion Lannister as herstellung Hand. Highgarden and Dorne declare war on ns Lannisters, allying with die Mother of Dragons against die Lannister queen.

Despite gift outgunned von Dany"s dragons und armies, Cersei manages kommen sie stay one step ahead of produziert opponent. The Queen of Westeros allies v Euron und abandons Casterly Rock kommen sie defeat Daenerys" Westerosi allies.

7 Maintain stark Familial Relationships

Lena Heady as Cersei with Jaime and Tyrion Lannister
ns only point worse 보다 Cersei"s nursing was herstellung relationship with her brothers. She despises Tyrion throughout the series und blames him for the death des their mother. But produziert incestuous connection with Jaime zu sein more psychic — and the catalyst weil das the war bei Westeros.

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The Lannister family was dysfunctional, to say die least. Cersei"s giftig relationship with produziert relative offers valuable life lessons about gesund familial dynamics.

Cersei loved her children, but herstellung schemes und machinations caused die death of herstellung youngest kid Tommen in season 6, wie man she avenged herstellung Walk des Atonement über blowing up ns Sept von Baelor v wildfire — with Tommen"s mam Margaery inside.

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A grieving Tommen was left alone zu process his wife"s death and his mother"s crimes. Cersei punished Septa Unella an the dungeon instead des supporting herstellung son, which führen zu to his death und her coronation.

5 understand When to Surrender

Cersei managed to stay one action ahead von Daenerys transparent most des their war, however even she should schutz recognized wie it was time kommen sie surrender. Die deaths von Missandei and Rhaegal wounded ns Targaryen queen, however ultimately drove her to madness and guaranteed Cersei"s death.

Cersei could have negotiated a surrender with Tyrion that saw her return zu Casterly Rock as the lady of house Lannister. She and her unborn son would schutz survived ns series instead des perishing in die Red Keep"s destruction.

Cersei do drastic blunders throughout her first stint v power in season 5 wie man Tywin"s fatality left die Lannisters vulnerable kommen sie countless enemies. Cersei"s schemes with ns High Sparrow led to Margaery und Loras Tyrell"s arrest, but so guaranteed Cersei"s own Walk of Atonement in "Mother"s Mercy."

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The Queen Regent was determined zu oust her daughter-in-law und gravely underestimated ns High Sparrow. Cersei"s decision to reinstate ns Faith Militant came zurück to haunt produziert when ns Sparrows arrested her weil das her crimes.

3 Treat your Allies Well

the Tyrells saved ns day for House Lannister wie man Stannis Baratheon struck King"s Landing. Ns Battle des the Blackwater looked collection to ende badly for Cersei when die newly allying house Tyrell arrived kommen sie beat zurück Stannis" army.

Tywin known that the Tyrells were an essential allies, however Cersei"s paranoia ultimately angeführt to both von their families" downfalls. She rebuffed Margaery"s diplomatic attempts kommen sie bond, killing her daughter-in-law through wildfire during ns Sept des Baelor"s destruction.

Cersei"s alliance v Euron Greyjoy proved an important to produziert victories during the war against Daenerys. Euron und the stole Fleet ambushed the Targaryen ships in season 7 und 8, capturing Yara und Missandei and killing die Sand Snakes and Rhaegal.

Cersei learned from produziert mistakes with the Tyrells und made an unexpected alliance v Euron kommen sie ensure herstellung reign on die Iron Throne. Cersei"s schemes may have caught up with her in "The Bells" yet were also instrumental in her enemy"s downfall.

1 Don"t create Unnecessary Enemies

uneven Margaery, Cersei"s partnership with Sansa was initially warm. Sansa idolized produziert fiancé"s mother and was besotted with ns glamour von King"s Landing. In the books, Sansa trusted Cersei enough kommen sie tell herstellung about Ned"s plan kommen sie leave die Capitol, which angeführt to his execution.

This was another example von Cersei"s paranoia getting die better des her. Sansa eventually escaped King"s Landing in season 4 after unknowingly assisting bei Joffrey"s death. Cersei"s attempts to stay one step ahead of herstellung enemies created much more unnecessary foes. Although the Lannister queen was cast down an season 8, her reign left viewers with valuable life lessons.

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