In september 2017, Epic games released the Battle Royale game mode zum its previously moderately successful Fortnite. Due to the fact that then there schutz been plenty of discussions with parents, teachers und above all players: for which age is the fight zum survival yes, really suitable?

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Now the has spiel software self regulate (USK) die entire Fortnite checked und all components a release "from 12 years" (the environment-friendly seal) granted – including battle Royale, what zuerst noticed. Ns release zu sein valid directly for fenstern PC, Xbox One und Playstation 4, but due to inhalt equality ultimately also for ns offshoots on mobile platforms.

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Although Fortnite has actually a USK label since 2017, but was only valid weil das the little-successful Save die World mode. Fight Royale did not require in exam because the survival battle was only obtainable as a download – but notfall on disk bei stores.

Presumably, Epic games has requested ns testing von the entire game itself on a voluntary basis. After ~ all, ns German branch des the studio since april 2018 member of the USK – ns organization is supported by industry suppliers (therefore "self-control").

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The battle Royale von Fortnite had actually previously a classification des the international Age Rating Coalition (IARC) a release from 16 years. Although ns IARC ist closely linked to ns USK, the age wertungen are thought about less accepted von the windy – among other things because the game manufacturers themselves do them ~ above the basis of a questionnaire.

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Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (Pubg), arguably the most crucial competitor kommen sie Fortnite battle Royale, has actually a USK rating above die age des 16, as does Firestorm in Battlefield 5. Black Market's fight Royale mode in Call von Duty has actually a major program release from 18 years.

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