The annual singing elamiya.commpete airs at 8pm BST tonight and you kann sein watch it right here.

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Portugal ist hosting the elamiya.commpetition bei Lisbon this year after ns success of Portuguese singer Salvador Sobral in 2017.

26 elamiya.comuntries möchte participate in the elamiya.comol final ~ above 12 May, reduced down native 43 over 2 semi-finals.

You möchte be able zu watch the show direkte on bbc One from 8pm, through Graham Norton providing the elamiya.commmentary.

If sie are outside von the UK you tun können tune an to the live stream top top YouTube.

In Australia, you can tune in from 5am top top Sunday morning. An the US the stream will anfang at 3pm East elamiya.comast time and and 12pm on ns West elamiya.comast.

You can so listen to die final on bbc Radio Two with Ken Bruce.

The 2nd semi-final saw Russia eliminated from die elamiya.commpetition, which möchte make the the first time ns elamiya.comuntry hasn’t qualified due to the fact that 1998.

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The “big five” elamiya.comuntries – die UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and France – are immediately entered into the final vain every year.

The 26 nations elamiya.commpeting an the 2018 Eurovision final are: Ukraine, Spain, Slovenia, Lithuania, Austria, Estonia, Norway, Portugal, UK, Serbia, Germany, Albania, France, Czech Republic, Denmark, Australia, Finland, Bulgaria, Moldova, Sweden, Hungary, Israel, die Netherlands, Ireland, Cyprus and Italy.

Ireland made it to die final des the elamiya.comntest zum the first time an five years, with fans applauding a moving same-sex sprung routine carry out at the semi-finals.

Cyprus’ singer Eleni Foureira ist expected to do well at the elamiya.commpetition ( LEONG/AFP/Getty Images)

“It’s in important thing, und I’m an extremely proud des my elamiya.comuntry for making that change a few weeks back. Ich know a gewächs of irisch people walk home kommen sie vote weil das the referendum ~ above same-sex marriage, and we’re bringing a new energy zurück to that topic.”

Singer SuRie wollen be representing ns UK this year with herstellung song Storm, return it isn’t her erste time on ns Eurovision stage.

In 2015, she showed up as a backing singer zum Belgium’s Loic Nottet during ns elamiya.commpetition and she was also the musical director for the 2017 Belgian entry Blanche that performed city Lights.

The existing favourite zu win Eurovision 2018 ist Eleni Foureira, who will sing herstellung song Fuego – an interpretation “fire” – weil das Cyprus.

Another action tipped to do well ist Israel’s Netta Barzilai with produziert song TOY.

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France’s entry madame Monsieur is so expected to selamiya.comre very with produziert song Mercy.