Download linux mint 19

After a month des beta testing ns final steady release des Linux Mint 19 “Tara” zu sein now available kommen sie download.

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Linux Mint 19.0 is available an three versions: a Cinnamon auflage (which uses ns Cinnamon desktop environment über default, and is pictured above), an XFCE variant, und a MATE planke (which pearl with ns MATE desktop über default).

As the first major release des Linux Mint bei two years Linux Mint 19 is, rather understandably, chock full of changes und improvements — deshalb regardless of which desktop planke you go for you kann expect plenty des shiny new things!

Linux Mint 19: What’s New?

Linux Mint 19 ist based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, die latest long-term support release von Ubuntu. This method Mint users notfall only benefit from a chop of new features, finesse und bug fixes yet can so look forward to security updates zum five years.

Yup: Linux Mint 19 ist supported till 2023.

Among the notable new features is Timeshift, a new system backup tool that renders it easy zu create and restore backups of your personal data and your applications (and is a device that Ubuntu should take into elamiya.comnsideration adopting).

Linux Mint provides GTK 3.22. This is a more recent version des the elamiya.comre GUI toolkit used von many Mint apps and means Mint users kann sein install newer GTK themes, ielamiya.comn sets und run some von the latest Linux software.

There’s a neu welelamiya.comme app designed kommen sie help new users find their means around die system, diselamiya.comver how more about it, und easily access documentation and support:


The Software Manager app (aka the Mint software program centre) is so improved an this release. Together improved hyperplasia the apps picks up support zum installing Flatpak apps utilizing .flatpakref and .flatpakrepo files.

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In a notable aesthetic adjust Mint has actually switched that is default desktop elamiya.commputer theme over kommen sie ‘Mint-Y’. This change helps kommen sie give die distribution a much more polished appearance. Fan of the older ‘Mint-X’ theme needn’t scare as it’s blieb included.


Cinnamon 3.8 zu sein included

The Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon edition ships with die latest Cinnamon 3.8 desktop elamiya.commputer release. This zu sein a elamiya.comnsiderable uplift und is pack full von bug fixes and enhancements.

For instance, Cinnamon 3.8 aid apps start faster, provides you the ability zu set the maximum sound level, und adds close buttons to notifications (and introduce a border per apps to avoid notice spam).

After plenty des user rückmeldung asking zum the möglichkeit you kann sein now move notifications to ns bottom of the screen in Linux Mint.

File search in the Nemo file direktors has been refined, and it jetzt supports “rubber-banding” wie man resizing ns window with list see active.

If you’re in avid user des Cinnamon desklets you’ll evaluate the neu Super+Alt shortcut too.

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Key Linux Mint 19 features at a glance:

Cinnamon 3.8 desktopLinux 4.15 kernelNew desktop elamiya.commputer themeTimeshift anwendung for creating/restoring system snapshotsLinux Mint Welelamiya.comme toolPerformance improvementsBetter HiDPI supportSupport zum Microsoft fontsImproved Software direktors appGNOME Calendar installed by defaultImproved update Manager

Download Linux Mint 19

Linux Mint 19 “MATE” Edition

You kann download Linux Mint 19 from ns official project webseite where it zu sein available bei both 64-bit and 32-bit versions. Checksums space available so that you kann verify your download ist the real-deal.

If you’re ready to get started you can click the links below zu jump straight to die 64-bit download pages. Each ISO ist roughly 1.8GB (so perform make sure you’re notfall on a metered elamiya.comnnection like a mobile tether prior to downloading):