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In all 5 areas (German citizens abroad, emigrants, immigrants, travelers and diplomats), die DKB was rated on this web tür as especially suitable.

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A matte of prozess for ns DKB!

On this page, we want kommen sie introduce you further to the bank, dafür that you get a feeling for the bank und understand why it provides such outstanding conditions.

First des all, a summary von the outstanding conditions:

online current account weil das all German-speaking people worldwidefree account managementfree Girocardfree VISA credit cardfree cash withdrawals global (!)good interest on credit transaction balancesfavorable overdraft creditoptional securities accountonline account application

Visit the bank directly:

How tun können I use the account DKB-Cash optimally?

The various types des use des the account DKB-Cash are just as individual as people themselves. However, one kann sein mention some hauptsächlich features:

As a main Current Account

DKB-Cash ist a full existing account und even suitable zum international transactions. Every transactions within die SEPA-area space free von charge; direct debits und standing orders room possible; checks tun können be issued und redeemed; etc.

50 australisch Dollar withdrawn free von charge from in ATM in Sydney.

As a take trip Account, means des payment abroad

Thanks to the worldwide totally free cash supply (there zu sein no fee even zum the currency exchange), ns DKB Cash ist often supplied as a leave account. One saves the money for the vacation und can then retract free of charge through ns VISA credit transaction card.Savings AccountThe credit transaction balance on the VISA credit transaction card (VISA Sparen) has great interest rates. Die interest ist credited monthly, deshalb that a small compound interest impact takes place. Without an alert period, one kann sein access die money punkt any time.Emergency AccountThe account DKB-Cash is deshalb used as in emergency account. This applies especially kommen sie customers outside Germany. They use die DKB to park their money an a for sure German zustand bank. This zu sein partly due to the fact that world lost faith bei local banks. And even if ns currency euro shall rest apart, the money would certainly be bei Germany in the future „tough zone“.Money lieferung AccountAs one tun können withdraw die money from any type of VISA-enabled ATM free des charge und without any austausch fees, there are different ways to use the account and the credit transaction card zum the money transfer. Weil das example, a worker kann sein send a part des his salary kommen sie his household abroad …

Tip zum a clever usage des the DKB conditions

Apply zum a second VISA credit card. Usage the first one for payments. There space no lending rates up to 30 days. Between the 20th und the 22nd des each month, die credit map balance möchte be offset against die current account balance.

The 2nd VISA credit card tun können be provided as a savings account. Each day will accrue interest. Ns interest wollen be attributed monthly.


… This way you tun können use the DKB interest-optimized.

How many world are using the DKB account + VISA Card?

Already 2.7 million German-speaking civilization use the free online current account „DKB Cash“. Around 100,000 live outside Germany. 22,000 client are in Austria and 12,000 in Switzerland (Status together of: 2013).

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66,000 client are bei non-German-speaking countries. 195 countries are official acknowledged von the UN (United Nations). In 193 of them, there room DKB-customers. Only in Vatican city and an North Korea, there space no DKB customers.

How does ns DKB knife money?

A bank account bei which everything ist free des charge. One need to ask the question: just how does the bank earn money?

The DKB has actually three possibilities to earn money native its customers:

Credit map transactions

Whenever sie use your credit card kommen sie pay zum products or dienstleistungen (no cash withdrawals indigenous ATMs), the trader has kommen sie pay a revenue-based fees to the credit card company.Savings store (interest margin business)The VISA credit transaction card or a second VISA credit transaction card kann sein be provided as a savings account due to die great attention rate. Ns DKB borrow deposits as credits, especially in residential constructions and renewable energies bei Germany und receives therefore greater interest.Overdraft InterestIf ns DKB existing account goes into deficit, ns customer wollen be fee lending rates.

Why does die DKB open bank accounts zum people exterior Germany?

The deutsche Kreditbank AG (DKB) is to 100% a subsidiary von the bayerische Landesbank. Deshalb it is a state bank of die free state von Bavaria (1 of 16 federal states des Germany).

It is often custom for state bank that a wenig politics play a role when creating in offer. At die DKB, anyone who understands German language can apply zum a bank account. This zu sein regardless des the nationality or die place von residence.

So it happens that ns offer from the DKB is used von German citizen abroad, emigrants, international students, Work&Travel-people und diplomats.

It is also interesting that the deposit quantity (VISA Sparen) of customers outside Germany is about double as much. This mirrors true faith bei the economic strength des the bank, in Germany and of course an the deposit insurance allowance system.

Especially south-European customers park their liquidity increasingly in German bank accounts. Therefore, the account DKB-Cash with a monthly attention payment as well as die possibility zu withdraw cash anytime und free des charge from any des the 2 million VISA-ATMs ist nothing much less than perfect.

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Questions about ns DKB?

Since 2004, mine team und I use die DKB within Germany und abroad. One tun können say that we have become real DKB-experts. Take advantage von our experiences for your ideas. Post your concern as a comment here. We would certainly be pleased zu help you.