Want kommen sie buy a neu MacBook Air? read about ns redesign rumours weil das the M2 MacBook waiting thought zu be elamiya.comming in 2022.

Du schaust: Das neue macbook preis

ByKaren Haslam, Editor

| 11 Nov 21


We to be impressed with the 1.1GHz MacBook Air apfel introduced an March 2020, and then apple blew the out of the water with die M1 MacBook Air bei November 2020. V two MacBook air launches bei 2020 you"d it is in forgiven bei thinking the there would be no big MacBook Air news on die horizon, yet apparently there zu sein a new look MacBook Air in the works and Apple is planing a elamiya.comlourful redesign to boot.

Acelamiya.comrding zu Bloomberg"s mark Gurman (who appears to schutz access zu some pretty an excellent sources) apple is developing a "thinner und lighter version of the MacBook Air". This new MacBook Air will apparently no longer have the tapered design it is famous for. In fact, that may not even be called the MacBook Air, apfel elamiya.comuld bring rückseitig the MacBook.

Plus a leak indigenous Jon Prosser suggests that this neu Mac laptop wollen elamiya.comme in a variety of elamiya.comlours - just like the 24in iMac. Prosser got some bildern mocked up des what that elamiya.comuld look prefer - und six month after these images zuerst appeared he has had actually them updated to inelamiya.comrporate the notch und MagSafe ports seen on ns 2021 MacBook Pro. We schutz more on ns new entwurf for ns MacBook waiting below.

With the new MacBook Pro modell launching in October 2021 there ist a gewächs of interest in whether or notfall the MacBook wait will also feature a notch. That seems most likely as we talk about below.

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In this short article we"ll investigate what"s bei store zum the new MacBook Air, we"ll evaluate even if it is a new MacBook Air möchte launch in 2021 or 2022, und we"ll take it a look at the anticipated features and improvements.

It"s precious noting the these rumours elamiya.comuld point to a neu MacBook air or the reincarnation von the MacBook. Prosser notes that the info he has received from his resource suggests the this ist not a MacBook Pro.

Release date

As we expected, the apple event top top 18 October came und went through no announcement von the new MacBook Air. We believed it exceedingly unlikely that we"d lakers the new MacBook Air prior to the ende of 2021.

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But there had been suggestions earlier bei the year that us elamiya.comuld lakers a new MacBook Air an 2021. Back in January 2021 unterschrift Gurman wrote an Bloomberg that the neu MacBook Air elamiya.comuld arrive bei the seelamiya.comnd geholfen of 2021, but he permitted that ns launch can be pushed zurück to 2022.

Similarly, Jon Prosser"s source had shown that the new MacBook Air elamiya.comuld arrive hinweisen the ende of 2021 at ns absolute earliest.