Cookies bei chrome aktivieren

Enable Cookies an Chrome

This guide wollen step freundin through ns process von enabling Cookies bei Google Chrome.

Du schaust: Cookies bei chrome aktivieren

If freundin don"t have Chrome und would like zu try the out, you kann download it from the Chrome Website.

Click the "Customize und Control" button

In die top-right corner des the Chrome window you"ll seen the Customise menu symbol - it aussehen like 3 little schwarz dots ~ above top des each various other - click it.


This will reveal a menu with lots von options. One von them wollen be called "Settings".

Select die "Settings" menu item


The Settings display will now appear.

Search for the cookies settings

The hauptsächlich interface weil das Chrome"s settings will appear, with a search box at ns very top. (If sie only lakers the magnifying glass icon, one of two people click it or traction your browser home window a little wider kommen sie make die search kasten appear).

Chrome has hundreds of different construction options, so to easily go zu the plätzchen settings, type the word "cookie" into die search box und Chrome will filter out choices which don"t match.


Scroll down zu "Site settings" und click it

After you"ve typed "cookie" in the search, over there will blieb be a number von different alternatives listed, so you need kommen sie scroll down to the bottom von the settings display screen where sie will seen a section named Site settings.


Click die "Cookies" item

Now the you"ve gone into the Site settings section, you"ll seen the zuerst option there zu sein Cookies. You"ll notification that it"s ausblüten highlighted yellow due zu your search weil das it. Click it to see your kekse settings.


Choose your preferred kekse settings

You can now readjust your plätzchen setting kommen sie what sie want.

There space three alternatives (highlighted bei the screenshot below von the blue oval) to choose from.


Allow all cookies?

Typically (especially if sie are currently following this guide!) sie want to enable cookies bei Chrome by selecting the erste option - "Allow all cookies". This wollen allow websites kommen sie store kekse on her computer zum as lang as die websites want to.

This auswahl will permit "first-party cookies" (which are cookies from die website freundin are actually visiting) and also "third-party cookies" (which are cookies set von a website that"s different to ns one you"re in reality visiting - probably from in advertisement or a society media "Like" or "Share" button).

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Allow kekse (but block kekse from third-parties)?

If you want zu prevent gift tracked by third-party plätzchen but desire to still allow kekse for ns websites sie visit directly, then you kann choose this option. This option is a good "middle ground" betwee preserving privacy und still having actually a functioning net browser.

Block every cookies?

The third auswahl you schutz is zu block all cookies. Be mindful with this together it will mean that a last of websites sie visit won"t arbeit - freundin won"t it is in able to log an and in some cases you might notfall be able zu use die website hinweisen all.

Clear kekse when freundin exit?

Note the möglichkeit at the bottom des this section: Clear cookies and site data when sie quit Chrome. If you enable this option, climate Chrome will delete all die cookies und site charme each time sie exit Chrome.

This will allow normal cookie functionality (eg. Logging into websites v a username und password), yet every time you close and reopen your web browser, sie would need kommen sie log in to the website again. This setting can also help (but not necessarily eliminate) heralding companies tracking your behaviour across various looking sessions.

Allow or Block cookies on details websites

The cookie settings that you"ve nur changed are global - they are used for each website you visit in Chrome; for example, if you oase the Block setting enabled then plätzchen will be blocked zum every webseite you visit.

But this may not be specifically what you want; so Chrome so lets freundin choose different Cookie settings for specific websites, deswegen if sie want kommen sie generally block plätzchen as freundin browse the web, however do want kommen sie allow them only zum a handful des specific websites then it"s easy zu do.

To readjust these settings, scroll a bit more down to die Block / Clear top top exit / Allow.

Each des these sections allows you kommen sie customise cookie behaviour for specific website/domains.

Block - choose websites to always block plätzchen on Clear top top exit - choose websites zu clear any cookies from each time sie close Chrome Allow - select websites to always allow cookies from

Click die Add button in the section you want kommen sie configure.


After sie click ns Add button for die type von exception you want kommen sie create, you"ll be triggered with a window asking you for the webseite domain kommen sie allow/clear/block.


If freundin enter a domain und click Add, Chrome möchte override die general plätzchen setting you"ve chosen zum just the website. Dafür if you have kekse blocked normally, adding a domain in the "Sites that tun können always usage cookies" section wollen cause the domain to be allowed to set cookies.

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If freundin want zu specify an entire website, be sure zu include die "wildcard" bit hinweisen the start - zum example <*.>

Allow/block only particular subdomains

You tun können be quite certain with ns subdomains on website that freundin allow zu set kekse - you don"t even oase to allow ns whole domain to set cookies, you kann set it to just a certain subdomain if you want (of kurse whether this has any kind of effect or notfall depends ~ above how die website you"re trying zu allow/block works).