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Enhanced tracking Protection in Firefox instantly protects your privacy while you browse. It blocks trackers that follow sie around online to collect info about your browsing habits und interests without breaking site functionality. It deshalb includes protections versus harmful scripts, such together malware the drains your battery.

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Protections Dashboard

To lakers what’s been clogged on all sites over die past week, visit her Protections Dashboard. Click the menu taste shield bei the address riegel und select Protections Dashboard or form about:protections into the address bar. This will offen the Protections Dashboard page in a neu tab.

To seen what’s being blocked on separation, personal, instance pages, click the shield to die left von the deal with bar.

What Enhanced verfolgung Protection blocks

Firefox provides a list of known trackers provided von Disconnect. Von default, Firefox blocks ns following types of trackers und scripts.

Social media trackersCross-site tracking plätzchen (also isolates continuing to be cookies)FingerprintersCryptominers
In privatgelände Browsing mode und Strict Mode, Firefox includes total Cookie Protection, which boundaries every cookie to die website where it was created. This prevents cookies from tracking you across sites. Strictly Mode deshalb includes enhanced Cookie Clearing, which permits users zu clear third-party cookies more effectively.

To learn much more about trackers and scripts blocked über Firefox, see the post Trackers and scripts Firefox blocks in Enhanced tracking Protection and SmartBlock zum Enhanced tracking Protection.

How zu tell wie man Firefox ist protecting you

The shield to ns left des the address riegel tells if sie if Firefox ist blocking trackers und scripts on a site.

Active: Firefox clogged trackers and harmful scripts on a site. Open the shield to lakers what was blocked. Crossed out: Enhanced tracking Protection ist turned off on a site. Offen the shield und toggle die switch zu turn it back on.How to tell those being blocked on a site

Click on die shield to see what Firefox has actually blocked.

- Purple: Firefox blocked trackers and harmful script on a site. Offen the shield to lakers what was blocked. - Gray: No recognized trackers or harmful scripts were detected top top a site. - Gray und crossed out: Enhanced monitor Protection ist turned off on a site. Offen the shield und toggle ns switch to turn it rückseitig on.How kommen sie tell what’s being blocked on a site

Click on ns shield to lakers what Firefox has blocked.

This panel will display different info depending on the site you on.

Blocked: Firefox blocked these trackers and scripts. Choose each one to lakers a comprehensive list.None Detected: Firefox looked weil das these trackers und scripts, however did not find them on this site. Select Protection Settings kommen sie adjust your globalen privacy settings. Choose Protections Dashboard zu view a personalized summary von your protections over die past week, including tools zu take control des your online security.What zu do if a site appears broken

If a site seems broken, try turning turn off Enhanced monitor Protection. It permits trackers kommen sie load top top that website only. Enhanced verfolgung Protection wollen continue zu block trackers on other sites.

Click on die shield to the left of the attend to bar.Toggle die switch at die top des the panel. This wollen turn turn off Enhanced monitor Protection zum this site. The page will reload automatically und allow trackers on this website only.

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Follow die same process to turn Enhanced monitor Protection back on.

You may encounter wrong on some sites wie man you’re in Strict Enhanced monitor Protection. This zu sein because trackers space hidden bei some content. For example, a webseite might embed in outside video or social media post that includes trackers. Zu block the trackers, Firefox must deshalb block the inhalt itself.

Trackers are often hidden an the adhering to types von content:

Login fieldsFormsPaymentsCommentsVideos
Adjust your globalen Enhanced monitor Protection settings

When you download Firefox, all protections included bei Standard Enhanced monitor Protection are currently enabled.

To watch or readjust your Enhanced monitor Protection settings for all sites, click ns shield to die left of the address gittern on any kind of webpage and select defense Settings. This will offen the Firefox OptionsPreferencesSettings Privacy & Security panel bei a neu tab.

Tip: These setups are deshalb available from die Firefox menu:Click ns menu button , click OptionsPreferencesSettings, and select Privacy & Security.

Standard Enhanced monitor Protection

By default, Firefox blocks the following on every sites.

Social media trackersCross-site tracking plätzchen (other third-party plätzchen are isolated)CryptominersFingerprinters

Strict Enhanced monitor Protection

To more increase privacy, pick Strict Enhanced tracking Protection. This will block ns following:

Social media trackersCross-site monitor cookiesCross-site cookiesTracking content an all windowsCryptominersFingerprinters

Strict defense includes total Cookie Protection. This provides every webseite its very own "cookie jar", which avoids third-party trackers from collecting browsing säule across lot of websites.

Click on the shield to the left von the address riegel on any kind of webpage.Click on protection Settings.The Firefox OptionsPreferencesSettings Privacy & Security panel möchte open.Under Enhanced verfolgung Protection, pick Strict.Select ns button to use your new privacy settings.

Custom Enhanced monitor Protection

Want to block some trackers und scripts, but not others? usage Custom Enhanced verfolgung Protection.

Click on die shield to the left des the address gittern on any type of webpage.Click on protection Settings.The Firefox OptionsPreferencesSettings Privacy & Security panel will open.Under Enhanced tracking Protection, select Custom.Choose i beg your pardon trackers und scripts to block von selecting those checkboxes.Select the taste to use your new privacy settings.

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You can so turn off every protections bei Custom, von deselecting all checkboxes. This enables all trackers und scripts to load and effectively disables this features:

Deselect the Trackers checkbox.Deselect die Cookies checkbox.Deselect die Cryptominers checkbox.Deselect the Fingerprinters checkbox.Select ns button to use your neu privacy settings.
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