The GermanMed Clinic, formerly die Emotions Clinic, was opened bei 2006 an the largest Czech spa town of Karlovy Vary, nur a few kilometers from the German border. Due kommen sie its proximity to Germany and its employing of German-speaking monitoring staff, ns GermanMed Clinic is very popular with German patients. Die stylish und state-of-the-art clinic is located bei a quiet area but only a couple of minutes’ to walk from die prestigious splendor of the stadt center.

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Pleasant setting with modern equipment

The harmonious and modern fitted rooms carry out a satisfied atmosphere zu feel relaxed. Every rooms schutz a shower, different toilet und satellite TV. Us recommend sie bring comfortable clothes, slippers, bath towels und toiletries. Additional unterhalten items such together books and DVDs will make your continue to be even more enjoyable.

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WB Aesthetics WB Aesthetics located in the Swissmed Clinics

The Spa Triangle v its beautiful urban Karlsbad, Marienbad and Franzensbad supplies recovery and relaxation weil das body and soul. Plana, a city bei the Czech Republic, and the privatgelände clinic WB Aesthetics kann be found embedded bei a landscape v multiple medicinal springs, interesting history, numerous historical monuments and in impressive nature.

The identified status bei medicine ist especially underlined von WB Aesthetics’ extremely regarded specialists in plastic surgery.

Peacefully situated the privatgelände clinic WB Aesthetics welcomes all guests with a friendly and trendy atmosphere. It ist only 25 kilometers far from die German border and seven kilometers from Marienbad, which zu sein known as ns most beautiful garden stadt of the Czech Republic. Many German guest appreciate die great accessibility über highway E50 too as die clinic’s own parking lot.

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Latest surgical techniques

The recent surgical approaches are available in four operation theatres i m sorry meet the highest clinical requirements. Bei case des any emergencies the hospital owns in intensive treatment unit.

All single, double und triple rooms provide electronic beds, shower, WC, LCD TV und WIFI (wireless internet access). Ns clinic staff speaks English und the German language is so spoken zu a specific extent.

A very special overnight lodging weil das the patients’ accompanying persons zu sein offered by our hotel partner Chodovar. This ar is deshalb preferred zum a short-term stay after a surgery.

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Chodovar is only three kilometers far from die WB Aesthetics clinic and located bei the zentral like die brewery von the very same name. Die guests kann enjoy in attractive traditional atmosphere, terrific restaurants, amazing brewery tours, massages and an extraordinary wellness beere bath.