Bo3 Ps4 Media Markt

MediaMarkt uses on Tuesday, Battlefield 5, FIFA 19 und Call of Duty zum PS4 und Xbox One on offer cheaper.

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Tuesday after ~ 8pm method it's time again weil das the Greetings Tuesday von MediaMarkt. This week you kann sein expect a couple of games weil das the PS4 and Xbox One, and also a Joy-Con Bundle weil das the Nintendo Switch.


As always, the offers space valid until Wednesday weist 9 o'clock or while share last. More FIFA19 associated article:

Games ~ above offer hinweisen MediaMarkt: You have the choice between Battlefield 5, FIFA 19 und Call of Duty: modern Warfare. The prices for schwarz Ops 3 and Black Ops 4, however, space clearly auch expensive.

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Joy-Con Bundle weil das the Switch: As ns owner von a Nintendo Switch, the Bundle des Joy-Cons might be of interest to you. These room available in the shade combination schwarze farbe / neon yellow together with ns game nba 2K Playgrounds 2 for 75 euros.

Also top top offer punkt MediaMarkt until March 26, ist the subscription zu PlayStation Plus. Here you get 12 months weil das only 44.99 euros.

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The offers detailed here are provided with so-called affiliate links. V a purchase on one von these linke seite you support my MMO: Without affect on die price, we obtain from the provider a small commission.

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