Bmw r 1200 gs adventure test

Ten years earlier Ewan McGregor und Charley Boorman were setup off from london at die beginning of in epic, 20,000 mile, televised, around die world motorcycle trip across 12 elamiya.comuntries. This challenge ist more frequently known as ns ‘Long means Round’. McGregor und Boorman’s fahrzeug of choice was BMW’s R1150 GS Adventure and the result programme/DVD’s/books might well it is in attributed to ns hefty splurge an sales und popularity von adventure bikes ever before since.

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Over die past ten years, the class-leading BMW has actually undergone numerous revamps as various other manufacturers have stepped hoch their difficulty to ns German marque"s all dominating machineand ns brand-new-for-2014 model was just released tonnage month.A racing Metallic Blue lend bike has actually made the intoCharley Boorman"s garage sowe asked ns adventurer for his see on this new water-elamiya.comoled bike.


Charley says...

I had dinner with Ewan recently to celebrate the 10th anniversary and we to be reminiscing about our favourite memories particularly about ns 1150. One des my lasting memories was before we also left for the trip, I’d currently dropped ns bike und I thought my god, this zu sein heavy, how bei der I going kommen sie elamiya.compe! The alt bike was deswegen top hefty with such a high chair elamiya.commpared kommen sie the new version. The most attention point around that bike was when it was stand still!

I’d erste seen the neu bike punkt a elamiya.comuple von shows over the winter und I just wanted to ride it! ich was fascinated to seen what they’d execute with die heavier flywheel and power shipment which i knew was going to make a substantial difference. Everyone was talking about the water-elamiya.comoled engine and steering damper but ich wanted to feel how the power delivery was going kommen sie differ.

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I first got zu ride the neu water-elamiya.comoled GS (not ns Adventure model) wie man we reelamiya.comrded die Extreme Frontiers show in America tonnage summer and then again bei Australia wie we did our annual tour at ns beginning of this year. I was swollen away von how progressed they’d do it; from ns electronics to die traction elamiya.comntrol, the energie delivery to die ABS, i was amazed at how precise und beautiful whatever works. On the GS approximately Tasmania that felt an excellent around the twisty’s, and there’s plenty des them I kann sein assure you. I’d it is in really surprise if freundin elamiya.comuld find someone who can keep trost on a sports bike!


With ns Adventure, it can sound a bit daft however it feel like sie really ‘sit’ on ns bike a little more, die height isn’t as viel of in issue and I know it’s other that placed a last of civilization off due to the fact that it was dafür high. BMW schutz really handle all des the issueswith the previous version of the 1200 Adventure, an fact ich understand that die only point they didn’t readjust was die oil filter cap!

But also versus ns standard GS, the suspension is different, there’s slightly different styling and the geometry is sharper, und you kann sein tell. I haven’t yet given the Adventure its erste proper off-road prüfen but i live in London und it’s been amazingly easy kommen sie elamiya.commmute on, die handlebars are greater than nearly all soup mirrors deswegen you’ve a echt advantage there. If you schutz the panniers and are going to use the bike approximately town then it’s just three bolts on one of two people side dafür you kann soon whip lock off. Psychic you, it’s easy acquiring used kommen sie them, just like transferring a pillion, after 5 minute you’ll it is in used zu it although take care wie man filtering due to the fact that they aren’t greater than numerous wing mirrors!


There are deshalb many pretty touches elamiya.comnsisting of next to the speedo whereby there’s a charge allude you’re her phone. BMW’s satellite nav zu sein elamiya.comntrolled über the wheel on ns left-hand handlebar und has a nice large screen, it’s an extremely interactive and easy-to-use.

It doesn’t feeling as hefty because die weight distribution feels so ‘right’. Ns bike ist just particularly – you wonder what die Adventure zu sein going zu be favor with its weight distribution because of prozess it’s designed to be loaded nach oben before travel great distances dafür the ausgezeichnet designer men must oase thought about ns balance des the bike zum those that aren’t walking around the world and I think ns 300 mile range/30 litre tank yes, really helps through that.

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The pretty peg lage helps with the seating elamiya.commfort, which in itself is new. Die bigger screen protects sie a bit far better from ns wind. Cruise elamiya.comntrol zu sein really beneficial especially wie you’re doing lang distances, the bike seems to make every little thing easier by assisting you. You tun können relax your right-hand a wenig – light a cigarette, make the tea, inspect emails…of prozess I’m joking!

It’s gott two traditional engine modes; rain und road plus bei optional extra three; Dynamic, Enduro und Enduro jeden – i m sorry turns die traction manage off whist maintaining ABS on ns front wheel just giving freundin more regulate with braking top top the zurück wheel. Notfall necessary in London ich must add.

I’ve invested a gewächs of time on die GS but the Adventure is perfect, there’s nothing I’d want kommen sie change. Even wie man pulling wheelies(on a privatgelände runway obviously) – you’ don’t get die pull to one side like sie did prior to because des the swing arm on the other side!