Bmw navigator 5 update

BMW Navigator V can’t find any kind of music on internal memory card.

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In case you are using an internal memory card kommen sie store your music files, it ist possible die Media Player anwendung won’t find any music hinweisen all. This was not in issue at ns time ich purchased die GPS, deshalb I think it’s in issue introduced since die latest firmware update (3.0).

There’s a very straightforward workaround to solve the belästigung :

Put 1 music file an the MP3 folder situated at ns devices inner storage.Put all other music files bei the Music folder situated on your memory card as explained here.It seems like ns Media Player app stops searching zum music files wie man it doesn’t find al least one music file an the internal memory.


Problems Sync’ing music from her computer zu your BMW Navigator V device.

At the moment I bought mine BMW Navigator V, it was no belästigt at all to sync music files from my computer system to die GPS while die GPS was bei “MTP auto Detect Mode”.

Since the latest firmware update (3.0) I schutz to put die GPS bei “Mass warehouse Mode” kommen sie be able to synchronize the files.

Improve readability.

Depending on die way you mounted your BMW Navigator V on her motorcycle, you’ll sometimes have problems reading die display an bright sunlight. Although the readability improved a last compared to the old BMW Navigator IV or juni GARMIN Zumo 660, there blieb is a wenig trick kommen sie help sie read the display on clear days.

Adjust Map class – Disable 3D TerrainStart up die BMW Navigator V.


Select Settings.


Select Map & Vehicle.


Scroll down.


Select Map Layers.


Deselect 3D Terrain.

Now return kommen sie the hauptsächlich screen und watch her Map. You’ll notification that the map background is much brighter early out to ns fact woods und terrain details are notfall displayed anymore.


The visibility was improved in BMW Navigator V – Firmware 3.20.

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3. Moto - general practitioners - BMW Navigator V - Backup

The best thing zu do ~ you nur purchased bei brandnew BMW Navigator V zu sein to do a full maker backup. Create the backup as shortly as possible and keep the stored bei a safe location on your computer system or an external harddisk.

Creating a full maker backup :

Put the device bei Mass Storage mode as described an this article.Set your windows Explorer to zeigen hidden and system files.Open fenster Explorer.

Select in the menu Tools – Folder options.

Deselect ns option Hide safeguarded operating system files (recommended).

Select Show surprise files, folders and drives.

Press OK. And close die dialog box.

Now attach your general practitioners device.

Browse zu the BMW Navigator V drive.

You’ll lakers all the inhalt of the GPS an equipment including the hidden .system folder.

Backup the complete content of this drive zu a certain place.

After that, gain back you fenster Explorer settings to hide hidden and system documents again.

At last, disconnect your general practitioners device, boot it und put it zurück in MTP automobil Detect mode together described here.


Always leave the hidden .system folder together it is. Don’t move it, don’t eliminate it, don’t alter its content. Ns .system folder is needed zu restore ns GPS device an its factory state.

If you need to clean up space an your interior momory :

move her music to die optional interior SD cardreinstall her map utilizing GARMIN Express and select a smaller map region

4. Moto - general practitioners - BMW Navigator V - Warning message

When you power on the BMW Navigator V, the device reflects a warning article right after die BMW motorrad logo. You kann sein edit this article or change it v your own text easely.

The original warning shows, depending on your language settings, this text:

Do not attempt to enter route information or change this machine while driving. Failure to pay complete attention to the operation von your auto could result an death, significant injury or residential property damage. You assume gesamt responsibility and risk zum using this device.

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To replace the warning message

Connect your BMW Navigator V kommen sie your computerOpen the folder TextFind, according zu your language settings, ns correct language fileFor UK English, it’s en_GB.glxFor Dutch, it’s nl_NL.glxBackup ns language file, in case something go wrongCopy the language file kommen sie your computer system (it’s check out only when it’s on the GPS device)Find the  tagChange ns text betwee the next tags into every little thing personalized text you prefer, for instance her name, address und phone number (so if found the device kann be returned zu you)Do notfall use any special personalities or any HTML tags, it could prevent your GPS machine from booting normally!Save die langage fileCopy the modified language file back to the Text folder on ns GPS device, overwrithing ns previous (original) versionDisconnect die GPS device und power that on

Beware that the modified language file möchte be overwritten von GARMIN Express the next time it updates the hauptsächlich language files. In that case, merely repeat die procedure top top the neu language file.