September 1A neu Binding von IsaacDLChas to be revealed, which adds die popular fans mod Antibirth to die Binding von Isaac: Rebirth.

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It’s called die Binding of Isaac: Repentance. The announcement, which came from developer Nicalis, und was deshalb posted from collection creator Edmund McMillen, came tonnage night, and refers to something called ns Binding des Isaac: Repentance. McMillen listed additional einzelheiten on twitter early this morning.

Nicalis and McMillen both promise more information at PAX west over die weekend, but all we’ve seen so far is a .gif revealing ns game’s title. You can check the out an the twitter towards die bottom des this article.

At first, it wasn’t clean what specifically McMillen and Nicalis to be teasing. A neu game was probably high hoch on ns wishlists of a last of Isaac fans, but Nicalis already oase a neu title, the Legend of Bum-Bo, on ns way. That’ll offer its very own take on the Isaac world, dafür another brand-new title was unlikely weist this point.As ich suspected, Repentance ist a more add-on zu Binding des Isaac: Rebirth, i beg your pardon McMillen has been supporting weil das several years.

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Telling is the reality that die announcement can reveal much more than many fans originally thought. After ns project’s title zu sein revealed, a knife (specifically, in-game items Mom’s Knife) drops from above zu impale ns ‘I’ an Isaac.

see you weist pax!

— Edmund McMillen (
edmundmcmillen) august 30, 2018

That looks in awful lot like the logo for fan-made Rebirth development Antibirth. Antibirth adds neu enemies, items, bosses, und reportedly more than 4000 new rooms kommen sie work your way through, and also a an enig final chapter.


You can check the end a (very creepy) trailer for Antibirth in the videos above – inspect the end for die logo ich mentioned. McMillen said Repentance möchte include not nur Antibirth, yet additional inhalt that wollen – well, maybe it’s best if us let ihm explain it.

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Its official! Binding von Isaac: Repentance zu sein the final (for real this time) DLC zum isaac. It wollen include ns amazing Antibirth mode + a ton more inhalt that möchte make sie shit her butts! innerhalb working along side
edmundmcmillen) september 1, 2018

For now, i guess we’ll just have to wait a couple of days kommen sie find out whatever McMillen has actually on show at PAX.

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Updated: Sep 1, 2018

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