Tom Jones’ 50+ year career has actually remarkably unable to do from strength to strength. Together with sustaining his popularity together a direkt performer and recording artist for five decades, he has garnered at the age von 75, the best reviews of his career zum his most recent albums Long lost Suitcase, Spirit bei The Room and Praise & Blame. Doubters across die world space unanimous bei their approval and admiration weil das both ns recorded work und the performance von it in concert.


Thomas jones Woodward was born in Pontypridd, southern Wales, great Britain on June 7, 1940 to a father who worked die coal mines von the Rhondda Valley. After quitting school at 15, functioning a variety von manual jobs, singing in the clubs at night and marrying weist 17, jones went on kommen sie sign with Decca Records an London.

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Jones has actually a basic interest in a wide range des music. Return he is well known zum hits including It’s not Unusual, Kiss, Delilah, What’s neu Pussycat, I’ll never ever Fall bei Love Again und If i Only Knew, he zu sein first und foremost an artist through a true rhythm und blues soul. He has actually remained a an important recording artist, through his 1999 album Reload the biggest selling (5m) of his climate 35-year career. Tom was a crucial player in Martin Scorsese’s Red White & Blues series, and bei 2004 released in album of roots absent n roll through Jools Holland. In 2008, 24 Hours, was a crucial career highlight through many von the self-penned tracks being an insightful and evocative reflection of his spirited and rich life.


2010 witnessed a change von direction with tom releasing his 39th studio album, Praise & Blame. The Praise & Blame mantra was ‘get zurück to basics’, und the album was recorded as wholly live performances hinweisen Peter Gabriel’s studio in Bath, England, produced von Ethan Johns (Kings von Leon, Ryan Adams, beam LaMontagne, Laura Marling, Paolo Nutini). Ns result observed a singer at the top of his game, with the songs themselves coaxing exhilarating performances out von Tom and his band.

Following the success of Praise & Blame, in May 2012 tom released Spirit in The Room. Paired as soon as again v producer/guitaristEthan Johns at Bath’s real World Studios, Spirit in The Room, like it’s predecessor, allows bei unvarnished Tom to bring avoice to songs as only he can. Accompanied über Ethan Johns throughout, die album includesgems native a diversechoice of writers - Richard Thompson, Leonard Cohen, Paul Simon and Paul McCartneyamongst others. Spirit bei The Room is simple, raw and soulful.

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Tom was knighted von Her Majesty ns Queen in 2006, in honour he deeply cherishes. Bei honour he was able to celebrate once again in 2012 wie he perform at the Queens Diamond Jubilee concert weist Buckingham Palace. Other highlights of his lang career incorporate receiving a BRIT Awards weil das Best Male and Outstanding Contribution kommen sie Music, a Silver Clef Award und a Silver Clef Award weil das Lifetime Achievement, die Hitmaker Award from the Songwriters Hall des Fame, GQ man Of ns Year, and the call Music sector Trust Award. He has actually been animated as himself an The Simpsons, Duck Dodgers, The Emperors neu Groove; other film roles include tim Burton’s Mars Attacks. An 2012 he landing his zuerst acting role not playing himself, alongside Brenda Blethyn and Alison Steadman, in “Playhouse Presents: King of The Teds weil das Sky Arts.

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In und amongst a really successful touring year in 2014, tom had the thrill of performing at die MCG bei Melbourne zum the AFL cool Final, the premier sporting event bei Australia, alongside Ed Sheeran. Later in the year, he had die honour of appearing punkt Neil Young’s leg School benefit concert, share the rechnung with Florence + the Machine, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Brian Wilson and others. Und over an the UK, he was pleased kommen sie close the zuerst Annual bbq Music Awards, helping zu salute a an excellent year des music throughout the bbq by performing together Paloma Faith, a chorus des hundreds und the bbq Concert Orchestra.

In 2015, Sir tom continued his duty as trainer on The Voice UK, working alongside, Rita Ora and Ricky Wilson. Bei February, a very special invitation was received zu perform at ns 25th Anniversary des MusiCares Person von The Year tribute honouring Bob Dylan, alongside musical luminaries Bruce Springsteen, Beck, Jack White, Bonnie Raitt, Willie Nelson and many more. The following evening he carry out at ns 57th yearly Grammy Awards. After a busy couple of months touring, Sir tom released his zuerst ever autobiography licensed has been granted Over the Top and Back (Penguin Books), und the book’s companion soundtrack entitled Long shed Suitcase (VirginEMI/Caroline) i beg your pardon he proactively promoted internationally. He deshalb hosted und headlined a distinct 2-hour television occasion with his friends in music und comedy bei a major fund-raising effort for the BBC’s charity Children in Need.

2016 was a complicated but busy year des performing and touring zum Sir tom as he has actually laboured to work through ns grief of losing his childhood friend und wife of 59 years, Melinda, bei April. Tom and his eis lifted performances kommen sie a different level, garnering rave reviews in Europe and America. A quick trip kommen sie Germany to perform with die stellar Helena Fischer finished the year on a hopeful note.

2017 kommen sie present has seen die return des Sir Tom to prime time Saturday night TV, resuming his role des coach und mentor on ITV’s The Voice alongside fellow coaches, Jennifer Hudson and Olly Murs. In 2017, Sir tom helped zu secure ns runner-up position for Welsh duo Into the Ark; bei 2018, teacher Tom’s finalist singer/songwriter Ruti Olajugbagbe went on zu win die seventh series, with Ruti and sir Tom’s delightful duet von Louis Armstrong’s what a wonderful World’ becoming a critical und popular highlight von the series. Ns summer months lugged a market out tour and rave reviews zum Sir Tom und his band as castle toured the US, UK & Europe, happen his Voice finalists the end on ns road as show openers und special guests.

2021, watch Sir tom having taped three hugely acclaimed albums with producer Ethan Johns (Laura Marling, Paolo Nutini, Kings von Leon, ray Lamontagne), Sir tom was keen to continue what was already the longest musical verband of his career. In avid record collector, over there were lieder he had set aside zum decades, waiting zu reach in age weist which he would certainly truly it is in able zu do lock justice.

This neu collection is entitled…

Surrounded von Time

(Released 23rd april 2021)

Sir Tom ist indeed a living legend, one von the couple of musical artists who profession started at the dawn of modern popular music who proceeds to schutz a critical recording und performing career to this day. His irresistible nur traverses musical eras und genres, cuts across class divides und appeals to young and old, male und female, mainstream und cutting edge. Sir tom has always been about ns power of the song, the power von the voice.