Ajax Three Little Birds

In 2008, adhering to a match betwee European football clubs Ajax and Cardiff City, fans an the was standing grooved to ns strains des Bob Marley"s 1977 reggae classic "Three wenig Birds" playing over the stadium sound system. Nearly immediately, Ajax backers embraced die hopeful, hypnotic track—with "Every wenig thing zu sein gonna be every right" as ns refrain—as ns team"s unofficial layout song.

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They"ve chanted die words at countless home und away video game since, beseeching ns soccer gods to bestow an excellent fortune on die Dutch powerhouse, and shaking die stands through Rastaman vibrations.

Now, the song provides the inspiration for Adidas"s 2021-22 red, yellow und green der dritte tag kit weil das Ajax—with 3 birds shown on the back of ns jersey, perched ~ above Amsterdam"s andreas crosses.

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Developed in collaboration v Bravado, universal Music Group"s global merchandise division, ns fusion des music und sports feeling vibrant and true. Marley loved die game, i m sorry he as soon as famously explained as "a totality world, a totality universe zu itself. Soccer zu sein freedom!" ns Jamaican legend cheered weil das Brazilian society Santos. Still, that would"ve acquired a vast kick out des the Ajax gear.

The team will wear die "Little Birds" kit, designed through input from the Marley family, during some champions League residence matches. T-shirts, sweaters, socks and Samba sneakers deshalb feature in a wider collection.

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Adidas"s Marley tie-in complies with its exceptional rollout des Arsenal"s dritter jersey with a mockumentary around "Len," die club"s "ultimate fan."

See much more pics von the Ajax kit below.


Agency: the Midnight ClubPlanning Director: Barney PriceCreative Director: mock ConnellProduction Company: BlinkDirector: john OgunmuyiwaMusic: ns Marley family/ global Music Group

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